Photos! Finally…

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I finally stopped by the Camera Shop here in Galway to get a CF card reader…It was worth the wait because it was only 20 euro. (Even with conversion rates and all that, I think it was a pretty good deal).

Anyways! I am sitting here on my Google Chromebook, waiting for my files to go to various places. I have an external hard drive, so obviously, everything gets on there eventually. But I am also uploading JPEGs and RAW files to Dropboxย and GoogleDrive. I haven’t really done any serious travel photography; or I should rephrase that and say I haven’t traveled for an extended period of time, away from my desktop. That being said, I will only be doing minor touch ups on the JPEGs for the time being. I might have access to some school computers that have the digital tools I need to make some great shots. But then again, I’ve always been about in-camera capture. So I just continue to challenge myself with this 5D I have been very excited about!


So this is the first shot I took over here. I guess my time in Philadelphia has trained me to find a high point before meandering through the streets. That’s how I like to do things; open minded with a wanderer’s spirit. This was taken through a window on the fifth floor of the apartment I’m living in, Niland House, looking west towards the Atlantic.


These are the docks that are in my backyard. I’m not sure what these two guys were working on, but it looked like solar panels on a buoy.


(Here’s where some editing would go a long way. My shadows are a bit too dark, and my lens filter had some spray on it). This is the River Corrib, headed toward the Atlantic. This is still about a two minute walk from where I reside. The Irish folk seem to sit and wait for the sunset. Lots of people were coming and going to various seats facing the West.


The water level is surprisingly high. Locals stop to look at the river occasionally. Apparently, there was some serious flooding and wind damage that occurred prior to my arrival. That wasn’t too apparent to me, but there is always rain water abundantly displaced throughout the streets.

I think that I am over-juicing this little Chromebook that has a spotty internet connection. So I am going to let it do its thing with uploading and copying my image files before I post more. These were nice shots, but just wait until you see the sunset I captured on the same day!

5 thoughts on “Photos! Finally…

    VisitSiena said:
    14/01/2014 at 5:22 pm

    very nice photos ๐Ÿ™‚

    shirtlessiniceland said:
    14/01/2014 at 7:02 pm

    Super ! And Galway must be a photographer’s dream!

      Jack Viere said:
      14/01/2014 at 8:34 pm

      It really is! Go there if you can…great times.

        shirtlessiniceland said:
        14/01/2014 at 8:42 pm

        I actually have been there … long story, but short version … my first partner was/is British, with an Irish passport. So, I’ve pretty much seen it all. Sadly, as you know, I lack all skills with a camera. Sigh. I think your photographer’s eye is simply elegant.

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