Yehaw! Giant’s Causeway

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I know I was suppose to write a part 2 for my trek this past weekend. (I am getting around to it). But I got distracted with having Lightroom and 10 gigs worth of RAW files to edit.

iPhoneography is certainly nice to experiment with, but it’s way past time for me to be dealing with RAW files. There’s just something to be said when you’re out with the DSLR, working away to get that shot. Then you bring it back home, work on it, and make it perfect.

It took me about 10 minutes to slip and slide over rocks to get to this point in a low tide. I knew what I wanted to capture, premeditated how I would get it, and then plugged in the settings and just waited. The tide was coming in, so my heart was racing. The 50mm is not accurately showing how close I felt, even though 50mm lenses are typically considered to portray what the human eye sees.



One thought on “Yehaw! Giant’s Causeway

    kathy said:
    06/03/2014 at 2:10 am

    Jack, its the most beautiful picture you have taken. Love you

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