I’ve been waiting awhile to get this shot and I was really it got dark enough today to open the shutter for 30 seconds with no filters! #blog

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I’ve been waiting awhile to get this shot and I was really it got dark enough today to open the shutter for 30 seconds with no filters!

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Yehaw! Giant’s Causeway

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I know I was suppose to write a part 2 for my trek this past weekend. (I am getting around to it). But I got distracted with having Lightroom and 10 gigs worth of RAW files to edit.

iPhoneography is certainly nice to experiment with, but it’s way past time for me to be dealing with RAW files. There’s just something to be said when you’re out with the DSLR, working away to get that shot. Then you bring it back home, work on it, and make it perfect.

It took me about 10 minutes to slip and slide over rocks to get to this point in a low tide. I knew what I wanted to capture, premeditated how I would get it, and then plugged in the settings and just waited. The tide was coming in, so my heart was racing. The 50mm is not accurately showing how close I felt, even though 50mm lenses are typically considered to portray what the human eye sees.


Using B+W with Snow

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I am still chugging along with my edits from yesterday’s spontaneous shoot. I probably have mentioned it before, but it’s worth restating it; I don’t usually shoot portraits. But the few times that I have, I really enjoyed the experience. One on one shoots are the best. Especially if I am comfortable with my model, it really ends up being a collaborative process rather than me dictating  about something I don’t understand fully.

Going through about 80 out of the 215 shots -we were on fire having only about an hour’s worth of daylight to work with- I am surprised so many came out alright. Obviously, there is more likely a solid 20 that are going to be used. But going through so many images, I have to say thank you Adobe Lightroom for virtual copies. I will go through spurts of about 3-4 images that are in need of roughly the same edits. But once I get to a different shot that needs a different edit, I start thinking of a different style.

Black and white is sometimes the first difference that comes to mind. Another one is boosting or lowering the clarity. Various elements that are in these shots come from different images I have seen on my Feedly or Flickr. More evident in the bottom shot; I thought that blowing out the snow would add to a softer look. I don’t typically drop the clarity slider in Lightroom, I usually just shoot to blur out the background if I want that effect. But I went ahead and did that anyway because it juxtaposed the model’s expression. In the series of photographs, I really like the bottom shot. Not sure why just yet, but it really stands out among the other images.


Good News!

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The class that I was photoblogging for is coming to an end. That means I reimported my blog back to this spot! Now I can get back in touch with all you lovely people! (It was not really preferable to be writing on a WordPress template on a self-hosted domain. Not as much traffic, not as much space!) 

So after I write three papers and get through one final, I will be posting regularly back on the WordPress-hosted site!