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I wanted to see what two images of the same shot with different exposures would look like together. I wanted to use Photomatix’s exposure fusion setting to see if I could bring back an overexposed shot. I know that my highlights are awful. But I think it was worth posting what I did.

I don’t have an ND filter. It would helpful with the long exposures that I desperately want to take. So I just took a long exposure at .5sec. That blew out the highlights too much. So I heavy-handedly brought the highlights down. That’s why the sky has such a muted look.

This was all done really for the sake of what the water might look like.

Anyone have any recommendations for a solid, preferably cheap, ND filter? ย I know that quality=price. But are there any out there that would go well with a Canon 17-40mm lens?ย 



Back to the Blogging, Again

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Well, after a semester’s worth of blogging on a self-hosted domain to no avail, I am back to the grind of WordPress. Pumping out pictures, commenting, responding -the usual. There’s something to be said about getting into that rhythm. You either love it or hate it. I fall into the former category, obviously.


Anyways, here’s one shot of many shots from my Thanksgiving break in Maine. This church is actually a basilica, the only one in the far North (I think after New York?) It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

I shot this with a Canon 18-55mm kit lens because I wanted the 18mm to do its job. I did some basic adjustments to highlights and shadows, but I was quite surprised that I got away with shooting this mid-afternoon. I mean, Maine really is far up north. It was getting dark earlier than down here in Philadelphia by a good 20-30 minutes. So I think that allowed for me to get a quasi-softer, evening light at an earlier hour.

I keep struggling with getting the angles straight. I think this is because I chose not to use Lightroom’sย lens correction. Therefore, it was difficult choosing the correct plain that I wanted the image to be straightened in relationship to…so now that the image is on here, I admit it’s not straight…